633 Hedges Lane


New York


Since 1653, this hamlet of less than five square miles has remained immaculate and pristine, deeming it some of the most valuable real estate in the country. With the most level and fertile soil on the island, Sagaponack has always been a farming community and its residents have ensured it always will be. Like stepping back in time, this quiet hamlet rolls thick blankets of morning fog straight from the sea over its potato fields while whispering salty breezes through the privet hedges. There is no other community in the country quite like Sagaponack.


what to expect

Although potato farming originally put Sagaponack on the map, its name comes from the Shinnecock Indian Nation's word for the "land of the big ground nuts.” While property values have soared and houses have expanded in size, little has changed in the village. One of the last remaining one-room school houses is still in use and the Main Street still has just one store and a small post office.